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  • Multimarker approach
  • Proprietary pumping
  • Self-contained
  • Serial producible
  • Near-Patient Diagnostics

Your assay at the point-of-care!

The Fraunhofer ivD-platform has started its ivD-partnering program. Transfer your immunological, serological or DNA-based assays to the point-of-care and bring added value to patients, physicians and healthcare systems.

The "Fraunhofer ivD-platform" consists of a credit-card sized cartridge and a small read-out unit. By taking a small volume of sample and insertion into the Fraunhofer ivD-platform, assays based on a microarray are performed automatically. Within 10 to 15 minutes, a multitude of different parameters can simultaneously be measured and displayed.

Take your chance and apply for "ivD-partnering" options!