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Production Line

Reliable Production

The new manufacturing system BlueShell allows the implementation of biomedical analysis systems through efficient production and packaging techniques. The challange is to provide a tool for a reliable and reproducible production of bioanalytical devices.


Through a modular construction with local control it is possible to react flexibly to the particular requirements in the application areas of molecular diagnostics and provide the costumer with a system adapted to his requirements. Thereby, the assembly line offers the highest grade of autonomy in order to guarantee a high-quality production whether for low or high number of pieces. In the area of process development and manufacturing flexible and reliable automation systems play an important role.

New Design solutions

Beside the development and consulting during the implementation of biochemical methods, products, and manufacturing plants, solution concepts for the application of new technologies like e.g. the print and dispense technique are developed. This also applies to the organisational achievements in order to implement the manufacturing logic in existing processes. Regarding the increasing complexity of technical devices, new solutions must be developed, in order to guarantee a high user-friendliness. Innovative and economic device conceptions express their purpose directly and the utility value immediately becomes optically and haptically perceptible.


The response to increasing cost, time and innovation pressure is a systematic analysis of the requirements and a specified design concept. Moreover, flexibility and energy efficiency gain importance in the area of plant construction.